A woman helping an old man walk with a walker.
A nurse and an elderly woman in a wheelchair.
A group of people sitting around each other.

Helping Seniors Improve Their Quality of Life

Dove Rehab is a team of skilled healthcare professionals dedicated to the support of Independent and Assisted Living Facilities.  We provide quality rehabilitation services to your residents to ensure they are able to maintain their highest level of independence and remain a viable asset to your community.

A Personal Approach to Health Care

We understand that it can be a challenge to maintain a vibrant community for seniors, as their quality of life often depends on how well the effects of the degenerative aging process are managed. To be highly effective as a clinician, we believe that it is imperative for us to understand the individual needs of our residents. This is what we promise and deliver at Dove Rehab.

Our staff provides residents with the highest level of care via the principles of differential diagnosis, patient and facility staff education, self-directed care management, manual therapy techniques, and the usage of durable medical equipment as needed. When you turn to us, you can have peace of mind knowing that your elderly loved one is looked after by compassionate and skilled professionals.

A woman helping an older man exercise with resistance bands.